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The stock market is often considered the best place for an individual to put one's money to generate wealth. In truth, though, putting all of your money in one place is always a bad idea. 

It's wise to diversify your portfolio so that you won't ever be beholden to the forces of just one part of the market. That, perhaps, is why investing in precious metals has become so popular.  

Putting money in precious metals gives you the chance to ensure that at least some of your money can survive any downturns that might occur in the stock market. 

It can be incredibly frightening to watch market numbers drop when you know that all of your investments are tied up there, but it's somewhat less scary when you know that you have money that's not affected by those drops. When you know that that same money is necessary to keep your standard of living in the future, it makes even more sense to diversify.  

Companies that allow individuals to invest in precious metals were created with investors who want to diversify their portfolios in mind. These investors can put their money in anything from gold or silver coins to cryptocurrencies, always to ensure that their portfolios stay well-balanced. 

These companies have become an incredible resource for investors of all types, whether they're looking to transition their traditional IRAs to gold IRAs fully or whether they're just looking to buy coins for their own personal collections.  

While it's nice to know that multiple companies now allow individuals to invest in precious metals, the sheer number of potential companies with which you can work can make it hard to decide which companies are worth your time. 

Fortunately, we've made sure to simplify the process by reviewing some of the best gold investment companies operating today. This should help you to figure out where you can best put your money to work. 

Gold Investment Company Reviews

Out of all the companies we review, Augusta Precious Metals stands out from the rest. If you're looking to find a great company with which to work when investing in gold or silver, you definitely owe it to yourself to take a look at August Precious Metals. Known for their excellent ratings from the Better Business Bureau and several review sources like TrustLInk, the Business Consumer Alliance, and even Google, this company is one consumers can trust. They haven't had a single complaint in years.  

With a fantastic reputation for customer service, Augusta Precious Metals stands out because it offers personalized services to its customers. There's no one-size-fits-all approach here - the company understands that every investor is different and thus works hard to fulfill their individual needs.  

Augusta Precious Metals specializes in helping its customers set up Gold and Silver IRAs. Doing so is an excellent hedge against the markets, especially in volatile times. Augusta Precious Metals understand that most of its customers are first-time investors in precious metals, though. 

Hence, they go above and beyond to make sure that the process of setting up a new account is as easy as possible. Whether you're starting from scratch or rolling over an existing account, there's a specialist available to guide you.  They have an in house Harvard educated financial analyst who provides a free 1 on 1 web conference to help you understand everything you need to know.

Another fantastic selling point for this company is that they have many different storage options that the IRS approves. You can store your items in facilities all over the United States, with facilities ranging from Los Angeles on the west coast to Bridgewater, Massachusetts in the east.  

The company may specialize in IRAs, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have personal investors. Many investors choose to invest in gold and silver to keep at home, typically looking to take more physical control over the items than they would have if they used an IRA. Personal investors are still treated with the utmost care by the company, though, and never treated like their purchases are less valuable. 

Making a personal investment is relatively easy with Augusta Precious Metals. You’ll simply have to set up an account with the company, transfer over funds to your account, and then pick from the wide variety of items available to be shipped for free directly to your home. Securely packaged and insured, this is one of the best ways to get gold and silver items to your home quickly and safely.


  • Free 1 on 1 web conference with Harvard Educated financial analyst
  • Augusta Precious Metal’s experts are fantastic at helping new consumers set up their Precious Metals IRA accounts. 
  • The company makes it easy to buy silver and gold for investment.  
  • The company has some fantastic, IRS-approved storage options.  


  • Getting access to each silver and gold offerings cannot be done online.  

Goldco is incredibly well rated with both the Business Consumer Alliance and Better Business Bureau, but even more importantly, it's a hit with its customers. Well-trusted, it's an excellent choice for anyone who is looking to invest in precious metals.  

Every company has its specializations, and Goldco is no different. The company focuses on precious metals, more specifically gold and silver IRAs. These IRAs can be set up with Goldco to allow customers a chance to invest in gold and add a bit of diversity in their portfolios, which is a must for anyone looking to hedge against stock market volatility. Precious metals tend to stand out as an alternative investment because they tend to hold value over time, which can't be said for most stocks.  

Investing in precious metals is also unique because not only do the metals have something of an inherent value, but they’re also used in several industrial capacities. That means that demand for metals is driven not just by investors but by large companies. This helps to ensure that those who invest in metals not only get a chance to invest in something with a growing value but that it’s relatively easy to liquidate one’s stock if there’s a need for cash.  

Goldco’s Gold IRAs are a particular type of self-directed IRA that allows IRA owners to add precious metals to their IRAs instead of the traditional stocks held in most retirement accounts. The company does an excellent job of helping its users set up IRAs and get started in the world of precious metals.  

Setting up your IRA is as easy as going to Goldco’s website and filling out an online application. Once you add in a bit of information and transfer your money over to fund the IRA, you’ll be able to start adding precious metals to your account. With both coins and bars able to be added to the company’s Gold IRAs, the company ensures that it has everything you need to start building value in your account.  

Though the company’s best-known products are Gold IRAs, the company does also offer Silver IRAs. These products are virtually the same as gold IRAs, but they allow individuals to invest in silver instead of investing in gold. This is a less expensive choice that typically will enable customers to add more pieces to their accounts for a lower price, which can be pretty attractive to many long-term investors.  

Goldco does not, however, only focus on working with customers who are looking to start a new Precious Metal IRAs. Instead, the company also does quite a bit of work helping customers roll over their existing accounts into an IRA, allowing many to transfer the funds they already have saved for retirement into precious metals forms. 

Goldco does an excellent job of ensuring that experts are available to assist customers in figuring out how making this move can benefit them and whether their existing accounts can actually be rolled over.  

The great thing is all of the accounts offered by Goldco give owners the same kind of tax benefit they’ll get from traditional accounts. This essentially means that you can contribute up to $6,000 per year to your account tax-free, and you will be able to withdraw the money from your account at 59 1/2 years old with no worries about any penalties.  

Working with Goldco is as easy as going to the company’s website and requesting a copy of their excellent guide to Self-Directed IRAs. Not only will the guide give you a good idea of how these products work and you can set them up, but it additionally gives new customers a great introduction to how Goldco works.  


  • Goldco has many silver and gold products to choose from.
  • The company helps customers easily set up new Gold or Silver IRAs, with experts always ready to assist new clients with rollovers.
  • The company currently holds a BBB A+ rating.


  • Unfortunately, Goldco doesn’t offer any platinum or palladium products.

Birch Gold Group is another company that tends to have an excellent reputation with its consumer base. To ensure that every customer can make the right purchases for their future plans, this company has an array of available products for IRA investors and personal investors alike. The company even has a staff of incredibly gifted professionals that are always available to assist investors of all types get the information they need to take their next steps.  

As with the other companies on the list, Birch Gold Group excels in the field of Precious Metals IRAs. Excellent at helping new consumers set up their IRAs and existing consumers roll over their accounts, the company makes investing simple. All you need is to open up an account with the company, transfer over the requisite funds, and select all of the metals that you want for your account. 

Fortunately, you never have to take any of these steps alone. The employees of Birch Gold Group can help you figure out what you need to know about the products and will even make recommendations to help you meet your investment goals. The specialists are even there to help you complete your transactions, helping to make buying new metals less time-consuming for customers.  

Of course, anyone with gold or silver in an IRA has to store all of those metals in an approved facility. Fortunately, Birch Gold Group has several storage options available, including the Delaware Depository that can famously insure up to one billion dollars in investments.  

Another stand-out feature that the company offers is its ability to offer unique pieces to personal investors. While you can always purchase the metals approved for IRAs from the company, individual investors can also pick up a host of other precious metal pieces for their own collections. 


  • Birch Gold Group offers not only self-directed IRAs but also gold and silver products for personal investment.  
  • Experts are available to assist investors in getting through setting up their accounts, with a special focus on new customers.  
  • The company holds an A+ rating with the BBB.  


  • This company has a fairly hefty fee structure, which can eat into your profits.  
  • Customer service isn't as good as other companies

Regal Assets is a highly-regarded firm that stands out not only for its ability to help consumers meet their needs in precious metal investments but also to jump into the world of cryptocurrency investing. With an excellent business reputation and a team of professionals that provide fantastic customer service to all of its investors, Regal Assets is a company that’s committed to making sure that all of its customers can make the financial choices that are right for their futures.  

As you might expect, Regal Assets does an excellent job of helping customers start their first self-directed IRAs. With a massive selection of metal products that the IRS has approved, it’s possible to fund your account entirely by working with Regal Assets. The IRA start-up process is straightforward; it involves filling out an online form, funding your account, and then picking all of the products you want to put into your account.

Like most top-rated firms, Regal Assets also takes the time to make sure that it can help customers rolling over a current IRA into a Precious Metals IRA. Doing so is greatly helped by experts on the Regal Assets team, individuals who can help customers figure out if they can roll over their current accounts and what steps they need to take to do so.  

Another great thing about Regal Assets that’s worth mentioning is that the company doesn’t just have precious metals for investment products. The company also allows a solid diversification strategy with popular cryptocurrencies in the market, which gives users yet another buffer against uncertain economic times. Though these products are relatively new, they’ve already become an essential part of many retirement plans.  

Another great feature that the company brings to the table is its investment packages. Each package is designed to ensure that investors can invest in a simple, easy-to-follow manner. Filled with many different coins and bars, investors can pick the price points they are willing to engage, and Regal Assets will do the rest. 


  • Regal Assets has fantastic storage solutions for its Precious Metals IRAs.  
  • The company also provides several different security options for concerned customers.  
  • Regal Assets is one of the few gold companies that allows its customers to invest in cryptocurrencies.  


  • Unfortunately, Regal Assets’ collection of precious metal items isn’t nearly as extensive as what you’ll find elsewhere.  
  • They don't have as great of reputation compared to the others on this list.

Finally, a consumer should consider Noble Gold when they’re looking at investing in precious metals. Better Business Bureau Accredited and typically lauded with great customer reviews, the company provides excellent customer service and guidance for people looking to get the most out of the world of precious metals.  

As is typical of most of the best companies, Noble Gold puts a lot of its energy into helping new customers set up their IRAs. With the same kind of tax advantage that one would get from a traditional IRA but with investments that can often work as a bulwark against the market, it makes sense that many are on the lookout for such products.  

Noble Gold’s process for setting up an account is involved, but it does make sense. You’ll start with an online form; then, you’ll get contacted by a company representative. You’ll be able to talk with the team member to figure out how to set up and fund your account and figure out what you need out of your IRA. 

Once funded, you’ll get access to a vast collection of items that you can use to fill your account. From gold and silver to palladium and platinum, Noble Gold has everything that you could want. 

Not everyone is looking for an IRA, so Noble Gold also goes the extra mile to help its personal investors. The company allows users to directly purchase all of the same products that it offers to its IRA customers and a host of other items that are not typically included in retirement accounts. Some coins included in those collections are pretty rare, while others are specifically designed for those looking for safe investments to hedge against financial difficulties in the future.  

Personal investors who work with the company benefit from discrete and secure shipping that gets the products right to their homes as quickly and efficiently as possible. The company offers incredibly competitive pricing for all of its items and even has a buy-back program that makes it very easy to liquidate your precious metal supply.  

Perhaps the best part of working with Noble Gold is their relatively laid-back approach to selling its various products. The team members are certainly there to help out customers, but it never feels like they’re using hard sales tactics. Instead, every purchase feels like one that’s mean to ensure that each consumer gets exactly what they need. 


  • Noble Gold’s offering of various cryptocurrencies. 
  • The company provides fantastic storage options that are safe, secure, and USA-based.  
  • The company offers not only gold and silver but other metals like platinum. 


  • Rolling over an IRA or 401k into gold requires a minimum five thousand dollar investment. 
  • They don't have as great of reputation compared to the others on this list.

Consideration When Choosing

While all of the companies described here are excellent, it’s always good to think before you decide to invest. If you’re willing to take your time, you’ll be able to look at some key factors to determine whether any given gold company is actually the right fit for your investment needs.  

Reputation and Experience

You should never invest with a company that you do not trust. No matter what type of investment you are making, you have to make sure that the company you choose to work with has a solid reputation. The easiest way to do this is by searching for a company that’s been around for quite some time and has great reviews with customers. An A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau is also a good sign that you’ll be able to trust the company with which you are investing.

Investment Options

It’s also a good idea to stop and consider whether any given company has all of the investment options you need. Some companies may only work with IRA customers, for example, while other companies might offer various products to individual investors. The type of investment you’re planning on will play a huge role in whether you’ll be able to work with either kind of company.  

From there, you’ll want to figure out what kind of items they offer. Some companies will only let you invest in gold or silver, while others might add palladium and platinum to the mix. It’s also good to see what the various products offered are in terms of form, as some companies might only allow you to invest in bars or coins while others might have a more robust set of offerings. 


Fees can certainly make a vast difference in the life of your investments. You’ll want to read any contract carefully to determine what kind of fees are being charged, ranging from simple administration fees to costs when you get metals shipped to your home. Fees are unavoidable, but you’ll want to make sure that you are getting a good value for what you’re paying. 

Customer Service and Support

Finally, you’ll want to look at how the company treats its customers. It’s not always easy to invest in precious metals, and you may well need help doing so. As such, you’ll want to work with a company that has excellent customer service.  

The goal here is to find a company that provides help without being pushy. You need someone who can show you what to do without necessarily taking power out of your hands. With the proper guidance, you can work with a company to make an excellent investment.

About The #1 Recommendation

In truth, all of the companies that we have discussed here are amazing at what they do. We have to choose one to be on top, though, and our choice for the best of the best was Augusta Precious Metals.  

Augusta Precious Metals does quite a bit well. It has an excellent reputation, makes it straightforward setting up an IRA, and has the type of customer service that any investor wants. This company clearly exists to help its customers invest in the ways that they want. 

They have over 1,000 five star reviews across multiple review sites, many of which are very recent, which shows that Augusta Precious Metals is currently delivering expected results and receiving excellent client satisfaction. 

At the same time, Augusta Precious Metals stands out because it has so many different products available for investors to buy. If you are looking for portfolio diversification, you must work with a company like them that gives you several ways to get what you need.  

One of the most unique offers they have, which no other company does, is the ability to have a 1 on 1 web conference with a Harvard educated financial analyst. It's the same conference that Joe Montana attended to protect his wealth. Watch the short interview below with Joe.


In truth, all of the companies that we have discussed here are amazing at what they do. We have to choose one to be on top, though, and our choice for the best of the best was Augusta Precious Metals.  

1. Why should I choose to invest in gold or other precious metals?

Investing in precious metals is simply a good way to add a little bit of diversity to your investment portfolio. This type of investment doesn’t tend to experience the same kind of volatility as the stock market, as well as one that tends to hold onto its value even when other parts of the economy aren’t doing so well. 

Deciding to put your money into precious metals is a good way to ensure that you aren’t entirely dependent on the stock market for your future wealth. After all, the stock market can and does experience sudden reversals, which in turn could obliterate all the savings that you’ve worked so hard to accumulate. 

While some can recover from such reversals of fortune, the possibility of a downturn right before you retire is something that you have to protect against. As such, precious metals can exist as a kind of a safety net against a worst-case scenario. 

In addition to working well as a hedge against the market, precious metals are also very easy to convert back to cash. This is one investment that won’t require too much work to sell, giving you access to funds when you need them the most.

2. What is a Gold IRA?

IRA stands for Individual Retirement Account, and one centered around precious metals allows for a unique investing opportunity. A traditional IRA only allows owners to invest in stocks and bonds, which may not work as well for some investors. 

What these two types of accounts have in common, though, are certain types of tax protections that make them incredibly attractive to investors as retirement funds. 

Setting up a gold IRA is generally done to add diversity to one’s retirement portfolio. By adding precious metals to your investments, you’ll be able to avoid potential market pitfalls as you get closer to retirement. 

3. What is the percentage of my gold I should hold in my portfolio?

It’s tough to develop a specific percentage of any portfolio that needs to be dedicated to any kind of precious metal. There are plenty of different variables at play here, ranging from your age to investing in what sort of risks you’re willing to take. 

As a rule, experts say that those who tend to be closer to retirement are generally better off avoiding any risks, while those who are farther away can generally bear more of the wild swings that the market might take. 

4. Should all my money be Invested in gold?

You should not invest all of your money in gold. Gold is an excellent tool for ensuring that you have a more diverse portfolio and a solid way to protect your wealth against major downward trends in the economy. 

However, it’s still a single type of investment that can and does have its own downward swings. You should never invest everything in any single product, as doing so dramatically increases your risks while reducing your potential rewards.

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